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Fact Sheet

What's already been said

"Endless runner meets crazy golf"

"Such a simple game that has such deep and advanced strategy"

I've never seen a game like this before"

Coin Shove is a unique mobile game where players swipe to shove a coin through a gap to build a score.

Proceed along an infinitely long table by shoving a coin between a goal formed by two other coins. Don't let the coins touch. Stay on the table. The game is simple but challenging, as you try to make your highest score within two minutes.

As you proceed along the table, you must use strategy to plan your next shot - Don't get put into a situation where you leave yourself with a difficult play. More points are awarded for quicker shoves, and for pushing the coin between smaller gaps - How high can you score in a 2 minute game?

Games are typically short and perfect for passing time! Play against yourself and better your daily score, or try and beat your all time score using your records!

Coin Shove does not require you to set up an account and the game is easy to learn, however it is difficult to master.

How many shoves can you do in 2 minutes?